fresh fact #1

Did you know that Warrens uses only the freshest, tastiest, local ingredients in all their menu items whenever possible? We also strive to have a diverse menu, with yummy choices for food lovers of all ages.

fresh fact #2

Our burgers are made from all-natural fresh ground, never-frozen, locally ground beef.

fresh fact #3

Our breads & rolls arrive daily straight from Stone Ground Bakery, ensuring fresh, fluffy, holders for all your favorite Warrens sandwiches.

fresh fact #4

All menu items are made-to-order. Nothing at Warrens is ever prepared and cooked ahead-of-time. That means you might wait just a little longer for your order, but for us, fresh food is worth it!

fresh fact #5

Warrens famous salad bar is one of only a handful left in Utah. Why? Because it is filled with FRESH produce! And it’s oh so good!

fresh fact #6

Warrens’ shakes are whipped up just to your liking. We have over 25 tasty mix-ins to help you create your own favorite creamy treat.

fresh fact #7

We make many of our sauces and dressings in-house, by hand, ensuring their amazing flavor and quality.

fresh fact #8

Warrens exclusive crinkle-cut fries are so tasty and unique, the recipe cannot be found at any other fast food restaurant in Utah.

fresh fact #9

Breakfast at Warrens is made-from-scratch with every order. We don’t pour eggs from a milk carton, each farm-fresh egg is cracked & sizzled just to your liking.

fresh fact #10

We are committed to meeting your utmost satisfaction. If ever you try something on our menu you don’t like, please tell us, and we’ll happily replace it for another item, no questions asked.

fresh fact #11

There’s a reason that Warrens’ Rocky Mountain Reuben tastes as good as it looks! We make our own pastrami!