Warrens was founded in the 1950’s by a retired Roy Sherriff named Doug Warren.


After a nearly a decade he sold the business to Keith Combe. Keith had extensive knowledge of the fast food industry, and the tradition of success and excellence continued.


Warrens has gone through some changes over the years. In the mid 1970’s drive in’s were replacing car hops all over the country. Warrens stayed up to date and changed over as well. Allowing customers the convenience of drive through service really increased business, but the main reason that Warrens was and still is such a success is Keith’s recognition of the importance Warren’s original philosophies, and the addition of a few of his own. He believed in having a broad menu so that everyone can find something for their individual taste, and of course “fresh things first,” Warrens trademark phrase and core philosophy. Keith knew that food tastes better fresh, and committed to bringing fresh fast food to his customers.


In 2003 Kirk Dean, Keith’s son in law, purchased Warrens from the Combe family. He combined Warrens with the already successful Dylan’s drive in and today owns six stores in the Ogden Area. Kirk carries on the same philosophies that Keith and Warren himself developed over more than five decades of business: Start from “scratch” daily with the freshest, most nutritious ingredients, and cook the food fresh right when it’s ordered… It’s just that simple.